Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homemade dolls house

homemade dolls house
Lk was given dolls and furniture from her grandparents for her second birthday. Here is our homemade dolls house (no. 2 we gave the last on away when we moved). Complete with alfresco dinning.  This dolls house takes up little room. I enjoy the space with in a space, and making use of what we have. Please leave comments.
homemade dolls house in book shelf
I have a few things on the go but I am getting excited about building LK’s cubby in a cupboard. Coming back to the idea of a space within a space and making use of what we have. When I was little we had a large block to explore and find cubbies in trees and under vines but with modern living there is so little yard. The cubby with in a cupboard will feel hiding amongst leaves. We have lots of travel coming up so it might have to wait a month or so before starting.

PS sorry I have not written in a while just moved houses/states.