Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goo Goo Goop

We had had a big week of “NO” and “I don't like it”. So I decided to test that with a great goop exercise from Tinker Lab with a change. I set up one bowl of cornflour, one of salt, one of water and one mixing bowl.

“No no I don't like it” said LK. I smiled and turned back to what I was doing, knowing that her curiosity would overcome her thirst to be independent. Soon she was mixing one with the other. Once she was into it I came and joined in, mainly just commentating. Soon we had three bowl goop. I added some food colour, red, yellow and blue. The goop primary colours mixed into secondary colour and slowly into muddy colour.

Lk loved it so much that soon we ran out of cornflour, so added normal flour…. We made glue!

Lk loved it and still talks about it weeks later.