Saturday, January 22, 2011

Toddlers and Kite

Toddlers love kites. I watched our toddler learn to fly a kite today. She is almost 2. We when to a kite festival today and our toddler, Lk loved it. There where large professional kite to homemade kites. There was so much for her to watch.

We where trying to decide wether to buy her a kite, when she saw a small red octopus kite at the top of a pole and asked to have a turn.

We lunched our yellow octopus kite and she held on tight. Soon she was making it move side to side in the sky and with out instruction started to tug it when started to drop. Amazing how they learn.

Next week we will create some homemade kites so that we can share this with our toddler friends.

Does any one have any kite making tips? 


  1. Hello honey. I finally made it to your blog. How beautiful. I will looking more regularly now. I love what your doing and how you "see" things. Love you xxxx Nat M