Thursday, September 29, 2011

What to Pack in Hand Luggage when travelling with Toddlers

o    Lovey's / dummy / bottle / sippy cup /straws / food or snacks for the journey. Kids don't get hungry at arranged times. 

o    Include some healthy treats. For Lk it is usually macadamia nuts or fresh berries. Avoid lollies as they get too much sugar and just need to run around after.

o    A few of you toddlers favourite toys

o    A new toy, not big or expensive. For longer flights you will need more then one. Space them out about one every hour. Pack up the toy before getting a new one. I find rapping them, or putting them in paper bags increases the fun.

o    Triangle crayons (they don't rollaway) and you can even get ones that are washable. They are much easier to get of the airplane tray. lots of blank paper

o    Stickers or sticky tape depending on what you child likes. I spend about $5 or more on stickers before a flight, and some flights Lk will play with them for almost hour with very little impute form me. It is great.

o    A few small good books.

o    I get my toddler to pack a small bag for things she would like to take. She loves this and it gives me time to pack too.  She also carries this and now gets very up set if we try to help.

o    Antibacterial wipes (for hands, toilets, trays)

Travelling with children there is a lot of waiting

o    Some warm cloths the flight temperature is usually 23 oC or colder.

o    Spare cloths incase the check bag goes missing

o    Put one nappy, some wipes (travel pack), you nappy mat and rash cream (if you need), into a little bag  (there is no room in the toilets for your big nappy bag)

o    More nappies that you think you would ever need. While travelling from the UK to Singapore (about 12 hour) our toddler did five poo.

o    Small first aid kit for long flights including kid Panadol, a thermomotor, bandaids, star stickers, and kids Phenergan (if you are going to use Phenergan always talk to you doctor and do a ground trial, it makes some children hyperactive). Also keep in mind some countries will not let you board the plane if you or you child has a fever.

o    Travel toilet seat that folds if you child needs it.

o    On long flights what ever you need for bedtime routine. For us, our toddlers toothpaste, Sippy cup, and a torch.

o    We also packed a light cot blanked and some safety pins. We used it to make a curtain between the seats for privacy.

If you child is old enough get them to carry their bag. (Even if it is empty). It makes them feel part of it all and that they are helping. Children love to helping.
I usually pack to bag one of things to go in the overhead locker (things we probably wont use, Spare cloths, extra nappies and alike) and one to go under the chair of things we need.

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